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Deadline to Register is January 11, 2018

VMTA Helen Parker Sight Reading Test
February 11, 2018

F. Ludwig Diehn Center for the Performing Arts,

Old Dominon University, Norfolk, VA

VMTA Sight Reading Test

Sight reading is an essential part of music education and should be encouraged for all students. The preparation involved for the VMTA Helen Parker Sight Reading Test, and the test itself, should be an educational and rewarding experience that will make the student a better sight reader. Certificates, seals, and ribbons are awarded according to the rating the student receives.

The VMTA Helen Parker Sight Reading Test is given the same day and location as the VMTA Keyboard Skills Test.

For more information or to obtain a syllabus for either event, please contact Mun Lee Han at (757) 214-5439 or munleehan@gmail.com