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Deadline to Register is January 11, 2018

VMTA Keyboard Skills Test

February 11, 2018

F. Ludwig Diehn Center for the Performing Arts,

​Old Dominon University, Norfolk, VA

VMTA Keyboard Skills Test

The VMTA Keyboard Skills Test emphasizes technical development.  These tests cover Primer through Level 12 of scales, chords, cadences and arpeggios to be performed at specific metronome markings. All material for the test must be memorized. Students  may enter the program at any level. They may take two levels a year up to Level 8, and may skip levels at  the teacher's discretion. All students who pass or score higher will receive a certificate of participation, with ribbons given for superior, excellent and very good.

The VMTA Keyboard Skills Test is given the same day and location as the VMTA Sight Reading Test.

For more information or to obtain a syllabus for either event, please contact Mun Lee Han at (757) 214-5439 or munleehan@gmail.com